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Adverse health effects from chemical exposures depend on many factors, including toxicity, environmental fate, and the extent of exposure to the chemical.

Health Effects

Probable human carcinogen based on sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in animals only applies to inorganic lead compounds.
Referring to the heart and blood vessels. Effects may include arrhythmia, changes in blood pressure, heart failure and/or disorders of the peripheral blood vessels.
Referring to growth, differentiation and maturation. Effects may occur from conception through sexual maturation, and may include altered growth, structural abnormalities and/or functional deficiencies.
Referring to the blood. Effects may include alterations of blood composition, clotting and/or the production and function of blood cells, e.g., red blood cell production within bone marrow, red blood cell ability to carry oxygen.
Referring to the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Effects may include impaired sensory and motor signaling.
Referring to the kidneys. Effects may include decreased filtering capacity/ efficiency, blood in the urine and/or increased/decreased blood pressure.
Referring to the system required for the production of offspring. Effects may include decreased ability to conceive offspring and/or carry to term.

Chemical health effects information comes from the OSHA Carcinogen List and the TRI-CHIP datasets.